Ripple Director of product announces the launch of Pay burner that utilizes XRP for processing payment

Craig DeWitt, the Director of Product at Ripple, released the beta version of a new P2P payments platform called Pay burner. Users can now have their own Pay ID payments.

Craig DeWitt announced on Twitter, the introduction of the beta version of the Pay burner platform. This will be a gateway to P2P payments based on XRP. The pay burner uses XRP for processing payment.

DeWitt wrote in a Medium post yesterday,

Today Pay burner is launching the beta for a new platform that enables instant, global peer-to-peer payments. Our growing network feature set includes a browser plugin, Pay ID integration, Request for Payment with encrypted peer to peer messaging, Pay ID network search, and a brand new ecommerce flow for 1-click checkout experiences.

For now, the services will be available only to Brave and Chrome browsers but with time, it will be introduced to other browsers also.

According to the post, the Pay burner’s mission is to provide convenient digital services to its customers. This will happen with the aid of the fourth market capitalization, which is Ripple’s XRP.

DeWitt further stated that he believes in the independence of digital assets to deliver services such as XRP.

The payment platform will significantly increase XRP’s liquidity and further its utility, which is among the top priority for Ripple Labs. XRP has been up 10.99% in the past 7 days, with its volatility expected to rise with the top digital assets.

Features of Pay burner that Uses XRP

There are many functionalities of Pay Burner but the most important is that it will help users to buy goods online using XRP.

Among the many functionalities, the Pay burner will enable users to purchase tangible goods online using XRP.

Furthermore, the beta Pay burner version allows users to pay from any XRP address, not just Pay burner users. However, there is a requirement that the user must have a Pay burner account.

DeWitt also explained,

As a Pay burner user, you can enable 1-click checkout experiences at any website using Pay burner Pay buttons. The websites and are examples of 1-click ecommerce checkout experiences powered by Pay burner.


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