KardiaChain announces its integration of Chainlink decentralized oracles

According to a blog post on July 16, 2020, KardiaChain has recently announced its integration of Chainlink decentralized oracles. Oracles enable smart contracts to obtain external triggers. These are verified data availed through a tamper-proof system, a business Chainlink is heavily involved in.

Mutual Partnership between KardiaChain and Chainlink

This deal will benefit developers who are launching decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain platform. Trusted data for activation of predictions market smart contracts will be from LiveScore and Vietnam-based data providers.

Since there will be fragmentation in the blockchain, this will help the Vietnamese predictions platform. Through the help of Chain Link, smart contracts can be updated with recent data that is required for settling posted transactions.

Besides utility in KardiaChain’s dApp scene and their recently launched predictions market, KardiaChain is also exploring the use of acquired data in the DeFi scene—via Chainlink’s Price Reference Data, government projects, and in real estate contracts.

Transparency in Chain Link data

KardiaChain creators who are based in Vietnam said in a statement that they chose Chainlink over competitors because its protocol is reliable and secure and will easily provide access to premium APIs in a credentialed system.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of KardiaChain, Huy Nguyen, further said:

We look forward to leveraging Chainlink’s unique functionalities to expand into multiple new product offerings that bring real value to everyday citizens. The ability to create real-world applications in eSport and DeFi via Chainlink brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming the leading blockchain in Vietnam and South East Asia.

In H2 2020, KardiaChain plans to roll out an interoperable platform with atomic swap capability. Tron, Ethereum, and NEO will be the first supported blockchains through this. Earlier, RevPop has also announced its partnership with Chainlink.


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