John McAfee – Binance CEO will be in the center of storm when governments realize the power of crypto threat

McAfee claims to hide from authorities but he is still speaking his mind by touching different topics especially Binance.

According to him, Binance is bow down to US regulatory bodies for no reason at all. On his official tweet handle, he himself made a statement that we people have forcefully become the servants of governments. He said that the state has no authority over exchange as the exchange’s major operations are outside of the United States.

John McAfee highlighted that the new policies of the government’s agencies are completely and expressively focused. He stated that such a degree of power over their lives by governments is not admirable and acceptable. According to him, this tragic situation is the result of the government’s regression and at somewhere government acts as the rulers of their nations, but here the situation is adverse.

Binance, the new threat to the Government power

Binance is based in Malta but is been operating in different nationalities across the world. The legend of crypto and prominent crypto programmer and libertarian Mr. McAfee stated that international exchanges are always triggered by the US governments and this would be not new for the crypto fam that the Binance is next target of the government in the superiority of anti-blockchain attacks

In response to this, the founder and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao made a tweet and said that all this hypocrisy of governments is at a constant level which again and again triggers the zones of different market hubs. He quoted:

It hasn’t changed. The distinction there is what they say vs what they do

This statement of the founder of Binance led to a very big self-made up revelation. Where in response to the tweet John McAfee tweeted and said that the Binance would be the next threat to the awakening power of the government’s crypto poses:

In the same timeline, the CEO of the leading crypto exchange platform Binance, Changpeng Zhao would be unnoticed by the governments. Where McAfee is also of the opinion that Changpeng Zhao’s potential position would be important in this dispute between the state and people. He said that once the government understands how powerful cryptocurrencies pose a challenging threat to the nation, there would be a massive eruption, and god knows where it leads.


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